Taking Back Control

If you’re looking for evidence that the world is driven by money, just take a look at our farming, food and healthcare sectors. Over the past century, we’ve seen huge changes in the way these industries operate – and many of those changes have been driven by entities whose primary concern is financial gain, rather than human wellbeing.

For example, the study of medicine has been increasingly influenced by the agenda of big pharma. We’ve seen soil quality eroded by overuse and exposure to pesticides and herbicides. GMO seeds are promoted as superior without any long-term data to support that narrative. And we’re bombarded with a healthcare system that is hell-bent on fixing every ailment with an injection or pill.

It’s enough to make you want to go back to simpler times… and that’s where THAW comes in.

THAW values life and believes good health is a fundamental human right. THAW’s website is where our values and beliefs hit the road. It’s a marketplace of ideas, knowledge, services and products to help the people of Australia take back control of their health and wellbeing.

A Good Life


Civilisation began with farming, and it’s as important today as it was then. How we farm, including soil, cropping and animal management is key to producing high quality food.


You are what you eat is more than just a saying.  The only way to build a strong, healthy body is to keep it nourished with good quality, nutrient rich foods and that’s where THAW can help.


Good health is the key to a happy, full life. You can’t buy it, and you can’t outsource it.  If you want good health, it’s time to leave bad food and modern medicine behind.


Wellbeing can be translated as being comfortable, happy and healthy. It can never be given.  It is a holistic state of being that is created by you, for you. There’s so much more to know and learn.

THAW Marketplace

THAW is a Marketplace where you can give, buy, swap, sell or trade goods and services with the Autstralian community.  As a provider or seller, you can register your offerings on the marketplace where our THAW Community Members can access them.

Know Your Healthcare Rights

You have rights, and you should know them!  You can read the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare’s current Charter of Healthcare Rights.

The Future of Healthcare in Australia

THAW are currently reviewing and helping develop better healthcare models for the future.  If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, we’d love to hear about them.